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Gabriel Bernardi
Creative Director

Francesca Buffoli
Architect & Project Manager

Louise Kallinicou
FF&E Director

Antonis Seferlis
Interior Architect


Joanna Vrhovsek
Financial Director




  John Coote  (1949 -2012)

John Coote (1949 -2012)

A lasting legacy

Described by Vogue Living editor Annemarie Kiely as "the last of the great larger-than-life designers”, John Coote, was one of the most influential and respected interior designers in Australia and a mentor to many in the Australian design community, forming a partnership with Gabriel to launch Coote & Bernardi in 2009. In over thirty years in the design business he completed many outstanding projects, from country estates and period townhouses, to corporate headquarters and several ocean-going yachts; though he was perhaps best known for his restoration of historic houses and newly built residences in the classical style. He was renowned for his extensive knowledge of design and architectural history which informs Gabriel Bernardi's work, with a focus on meticulous research and historical correctness. He enjoyed a close working partnership with Gabriel and is greatly missed.